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Electronic Components

EP Plug 3.5mm

EP Plug 3.5mm DLX

DC Plug (6.3mm x 3.2mm) DLX

RCA Plug


RCA Socket Chasis Mounting

Box Plug Heavy Duty

RF Antena Socket Special

RF Socket Chasis FR MNTG

RF Plug Chasis FR MNTG

RF Plug Chasis FR MNTG DLX

RF Socket Box Type

F Quick / RCA Socket

F Plug CAP Type

F Plug CAP Type F/M

F Plug Self Locking

F Socket With"U" Clip

F Socket SPL with "U" Clip Contact G.P.

F Socket Pin Type

F Socket PCB Mounting 23.5mm / 26mm Length

Cabel Jointer 20mm

Cabel Jointer 23mm

Cabel Jointer 33mm

Cabel Jointer 45mm

Cabel Jointer Special

Cabel Jointer

Tee Jointer 3 F Socket

Tee Jointer 1 F Plug 2 F Socket

Four Way Jointer

Four Way Jointer 1 F Plug 3 F Socket

5/ 8 Plug / F Socket Adapter

BNC Plug

BNC Terminator Available in 50, 75, 93 OHMS

BNC Plug Self Crimping Type (Teflon)

BNC Socket

Akai Plug

Akai Plug (Teflon)

Akai Cabel Reducer

Akai Socket Panel Mounting

Akai Socket Panel Mounting (Teflon)

BNC Socket / UHF Socket (Teflon)

UHF Plug / BNC Socket (Teflon)

BNC Socket Industrial (Teflon)

BNC 'T' Conn.(BNC Plug / BNC Socket / F Socket )

RF Socket Chasis Half Metal

RF Plug Chasis Half Metal

3.5 EP Plug F/M

2.5 EP Plug F/M

3.5 EP Sterio Plug F/M

P-38 Mono Plug

P-38 Mono Plug F.M.W.S (G.P.)

P-38 Sterio Plug F.M.

P-38 Ahuja Plug

Banana Socket

F3 Plug With Ring (Small) RG59

F5 Plug With Ring (Std.) RG6

F7 Plug With Ring (Medium) RG11

M8x19 S. Type F Conn. RG6

3mm LED Holder